Friday, 14 March 2008

Tux Paint, the amazing children's drawing program

What my youngest seems to spend most time on, on her eldest sisters laptop besides the CBBC website and other online games sites for children, is Windows Paint.

We all know its pretty rubbish but its the only piece of art software that's lasted. The others are either too complicated to get to grips with or too limited to do any more than Paint but with a few stencils.

So I was looking for an Linux alternative. What I found was 'Tux Paint' (another pengiun themed piece of Linux software). This is a super little program, not at all intimidating for small children with its child optimised user interface. It has more functional art tools than many of the more grown up 'sophisticated' programs. The 'Magic' button reveals a wide range of clever tools. Small kids will enjoy the noises it makes as you paint (don't know about small kids, I thought that was fun myself), older kids will appreciate the wide variety of tools available to play with.

Tux Paint has also been designed with education in mind, it has an accompanying program that allows it to be configured for really young children. So that more functionality can be revealed as a child is ready for it.

Even if you are not a kid its worth a look. To download it in Ubuntu just go to the 'Add/Remove Applications' application and search for tux paint.

You can read all about it here at

And if you haven't made the leap to Linux yet, there's no need to feel left out as its available in Microsoft and Apple flavours too.

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