Monday, 3 March 2008

Choosing your Linux for a home PC (Ubuntu)

Linux comes in many types (distributions), so you need to choose which one to use. For Linux this is both a strength and a weakness; a strength because there is a Linux operating system configured to suit most purposes but a weakness because it is one more hoop to jump through for a new user.

This is my initial recommendation, for a home user the choice can be simplified, if you have a good enough machine to run Ubuntu then use Ubuntu. Providing you have a fairly standard machine Ubuntu is easier to install than Windows, and installs faster. If you have an older machine (less than 256MB ram and slow processor) that just can't cope with running Ubuntu then you need to look for a small lightweight distribution which I'll cover in a later post.

As with pretty much any Linux distribution Ubuntu is free!

It comes on CD, which you can either download for free, buy online or request for free (if you can wait 6-10 weeks). Downloading is for most the best option, you download an '.iso' file, which if you have cd burner software on your PC will get burned to a real cd when you double-click on it.

Ubuntu is supplied as a 'Live-CD'. Once you have your CD you can try out Ubuntu Linux before committing to install it on your PC. This is good because if it runs from OK the CD its pretty certain to be OK when you install it.

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