Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hardy Heron Upgrade causes no real problems

I've not really had a lot to blog about here lately, since everything has pretty much run well without trouble.

The Hardy Heron upgrades on all 3 platform, Old Celeron, Whizzy Core 2 duo machine and the VMware image. The one thing worthy of note is the fact that I was asked if I wished to retain some device configuration file change that I had made during the original install to get the wireless networking to run. On the Whizzy machine it all just worked.

On the old Celeron an additional software download was required as I had needed to use fwcutter to get the Belkin Broadcom BC43 based wireless card to work. Once wired back up to the router with a cable I was able to re-enable the Device driver in the Hardware Drivers utility, which caused it to download and update the neccesary packages and automatically download the correct windows driver files and manipulate them to work with Linux. After which I jut had to disconnect the cable to the router and select the wireless network in the connection applet.

Setting up the wireless on the previous version of Ubuntu had taken me a whole evening using support information from the Ubuntu forum. The Hardy Heron update just worked. I wonder if Hardy would have just worked with this hardware configuration if it had been a fresh install? I suspect it might have Ubuntu seems to be getting better all the time.

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