Friday, 12 December 2008

Linux Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn a little bit more about any subject, whilst driving, shopping or doing other chores. There's a whole heap of them available too, you can find a comprehensive list at The Linux Link. Having listened to a few there are two that I'd highly recommend; Linux Outlaws and the Ubuntu UK Podcast.

Ubuntu Uk Podcast banner

Covering just Ubuntu, the Ubuntu UK Podcast is suitable for any age. It's hosted by a group of co-hosts and the content is generally well informed.

Linux Outlaws logo

The Linux Outlaws podcast is very entertaining, covers a whole heap of open source software topics, but is not always suitable for children. The hosts Dan and Fab communicate their enthusiasm for Linux in a distinctive and amusing way, keeping the audience up to date on the latest software releases and Open Source news. They have an excellent theme tune which I think Dan wrote and played. If something is not really up to scratch there's no beating around the bush Fab's going to call it Crap! Their regular Microwatch feature is always fun too.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Fantastic Service from LinuxEmporium

Just had to blog about the fantastic customer service I've experienced from LinuxEmporium. I had to replace the wireless network card on one of our PCs, in the past I've had a lot of grief setting up Belkin cards to work on Linux, so this time I decided to get a known compatible card. LinuxEmporium offer cards that have tested with various Linux distributions. I ordered the card, which arrive promptly, but did not work. I emailed back some diagnostic information to LinuxEmporium and Quentin immediately mailed me back offering to replace the card and requesting that I return the faulty card. The next day a new card arrived along with the postage for return of the original card.

Any supplier can have a duff card in their stock, not many make it such a painless experience, I even got a thank you for returning the duff card. All in all I'd call that excellent service.